The Lighting Quest Continues

Well, I warned you that I am not that faithful in posting new entries but here’s a new one…

My husband and I have been remodeling our house for 1 1/2 years now. Yes, years. But it is quite the project. At any rate, the ceilings in many of the rooms are open beam so we are lighting much of the house with wall sconces and lamps.

I found phenomenal yellow onyx sconces for the foyer and living room.

Forecast Yellow Onyx SconceThis beautiful light belongs in the two holes that are mid-wall (excuse the mess). This is the future living room and the TV will live in the center of the sconces.  Use your imagination.

Living Room Wall

Finally today I was able to cross bedroom sconces off my list. Justice Design Group Ceramic Collection fit the bill. It’s supposed to mimic travertine which is what we plan to use on the outdoor patio and surrounding the pool. I had also originally wanted to use Silver Travertine in the master bathroom so as you can see I’m having a love affair with the stone right now.

Justice Design Wall Sconce

There will be two of these sconces flanking our future king size bed (so excited!!), where the topmost holes are on the left and right side of the wall.

Master Bedroom Wall Sconce Location

Just so you get a better idea of what the room looks like, here are a couple of additional shots.

The following was taken from the doorway and the wall where the sconces are going is to the right.

Master Bedroom Overview

A closeup of the ceiling, which I love!

Master Bedroom Ceiling


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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3 Responses to The Lighting Quest Continues

  1. courtney says:

    yessss!!!!!!!!!!! a home run! worth the research, right?

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