Stain Pain No More

The ceilings in our foyer/living room are open beam, meaning they are entirely made of wood. It has been quite the challenge to achieve our desired finished stain color. However, today we conquered that battle and finally achieved a beautiful color using a walnut stain diluted with 50% paint thinner. In the photo below, on the right is the color I love and on the left is the color we almost stayed with.

Ceiling Image

Once I started putting paint samples on the wall, I realized that ceiling color was going to be very difficult to work with. It was just way too yellow for me. So, I went to Sherwin Williams and asked them to match a wood sample.  After sampling it on the ceiling I realized it had too much gray. The ceilings in the master bedroom are also stained, but a different color, and we were using that to stain the master bath door which I really loved. It finally dawned on me to use a diluted version of that same stain…and voila! I’ll post more pics once it’s done. 🙂


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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