Indian Door Progress

We bought two fabulous antique doors imported from India. The trick was that we wanted them to function as doors and not just decorative pieces. Thanks to the diligence of my husband, brother in law, our carpenter and welder they are both now fully functional! The welder crafted hinges for the doors and the carpenter installed and repaired all of the boo boos. Now we just need to clean them to restore the wood.

This is the entrance to the master suite (haha, I have a hard time saying that without laughing). In other words the entrance to our bedroom, bathroom and closet.


Indian Door Front


Indian Door Back Indian Door Hinge

Indian Door Hinge 2

Indian Door Hinge 3

This door is the entrance to my studio/office…

Studio Door

I know they still look kind of rough but after restoring the wood I’m sure they’ll be beautiful!


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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2 Responses to Indian Door Progress

  1. I’ve seen similar doors at Southeastern Salvage don’t think ya’ll have that store in Fl but it’s great they have a few of these doors for 1,000 I believe, don’t know if that’s a deal or not. I think they are gorgeous but they would never fit in our home. Your house will definitely have that WOW factor with these doors!

    • designnsuch says:

      $1000 is a great deal for doors like these. We bought these about a year ago before demand really amped up so we got a good deal too. I haven’t heard of Southeastern Salvage, but I’m definitely gonna find out if we have that here in FL.
      Thanks for your interest!

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