Prepping to Stain Concrete in the Kitchen

The butterflies are flapping their wings hard in my stomach as we rapidly approach acid staining time in the kitchen. As with everything else in the house we have opted for non-traditional materials in the kitchen. The countertops and floors are concrete and the shell of the floor cabinets are concrete as well.

Kitchen Counters

The final finished color of the floors and counters will be achieved by acid staining and sealing the concrete. I’ve been prepping for this event for months. Back in the summer I sampled my heart out and finally decided to stain the counters English Red (third from top right) and the floors Golden Wheat (top right).

Concrete Stain Sampling

I sampled some more on the actual floor after it was poured just to make sure the colors would come out to our liking. When acid staining concrete the coloring will come out differently on every batch of concrete so it’s very important to sample. In the image below the black wasn’t done curing (I didn’t realize this at the time and was having a minor panic attack) and ended up being very nice so we’re using it in the gym and master bath. The right most color is the golden wheat that we’re using on the kitchen, foyer, living and dining room floor.

Concrete Floor Samples

Hopefully by the end of this week the floors in the gym, master bath and kitchen as well as the kitchen countertops will be stained and sealed. So excited!!!


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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