Electrical Trim~ Color makes a difference

Yes, we are down to final details such as electrical trim. Very exciting! What exactly does electrical trim consist of? Well, when a house is rewired with new outlets and switches one needs to think about what kind of switches are going to be installed. I initially assumed we would have a regular light switch, the type I had growing up.

Light Switch

Oh no, those are sooo out my Italian husband informed me. We’re going to have the European style switch, the type Americans are finally using.

Decora Switch

Ok,  so we’ll have the Decora switch. Done. Well, not really. First off, the electrician informed me, you really want a screwless plate because if you choose colored switches and plates the screws won’t match. Ok, screwless it is. Second point from the electrician was that the switches, outlets and plates should really match your walls. It will make such a difference. I agreed with this but didn’t realize that there were so many color choices.

Lutron Color Samples

I realize many people get crafty and paint the wall plates in addition to the thousands of plates available online. I’m talking about the actual switch and plug colors and finishes. Would you like your switch to be Designer Gloss, Satin or Architectural Matte finish? Hmmm….After ordering color samples from Lutron, I decided Satin, which is more of a matte finish, was the one for us. Designer Gloss could be nice in a modern home, but as the lighting salesperson pointed out, fingerprints stand out like crazy. I finally decided to go with the color Biscuit throughout the majority of the house which complements our paint selection, Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground, quite nicely.

Neutral Ground

In the master bath, we’re going for taupe switches and in the gym we’re going bold…midnight (otherwise known as black).

Just  a word of advice when negotiating the contract with your electrician. Be sure to discuss electrical trim and ensure that he/she will purchase the switches because they are very technical. You really don’t want to be responsible for figuring out whether the switch should be single pole, three way, magnetic electronic or a variety of other options. We weren’t responsible for making those choices but a lighting salesperson informed me it does happen that home owners are left with those decisions.  Also know that any color but white will probably end up costing more. Just a few beneficial tips I learned along the way. 🙂



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