Open Beam Ceilings…What a Find

When we bought our house all of the ceilings were a beautiful popcorn finish (hahaha). When we started planning for the remodel we took a look in the “attic” and saw that the ceilings in the kitchen and bedroom were open beam wood in great condition. Fortunately, we were able to add foam insulation in between the wood and roof tiles as a new roof was part of the renovation. Otherwise, I don’t know if the open beam ceilings would have been an option as we live in Florida. So down came the popcorn and we will soon be living with beautiful open beam ceilings in both of these rooms.

A border of cypress was added to create more of a finished look and the bedroom ceiling was stained Minwax color Special Walnut. Writing this makes me realize I need to take way more pictures because this is the best shot of the bedroom ceiling I have. More to come.

Master Bedroom Ceiling

The kitchen ceiling was already a great color. It just needed some light touch up and the border needed to be stained to match. Good thing color is my specialty.

Kitchen Ceiling

Kitchen Ceiling Before Stain

It just took two trips to Sherwin Williams to get the right color combo. A mix of Minwax colors Natural and All American did the trick.

Kitchen Ceiling After Stain

Staining can be super tricky. I sampled the colors on a piece of cypress, which is what we think the ceiling is made of, to decide which color to use. However when the painter started staining it was just too dark. That’s when we decided to mix the two colors, Natural and All American, with just a touch of paint thinner (aka 100% mineral spirits) and voila…color match. Also, always remember to use Wood Conditioner prior to staining. These conditioners are designed to penetrate into the wood and allow the stain to absorb more evenly when it is applied later. In our case, the painter had to apply a second coat of wood conditioner because after staining a small section of the trim we saw it was not absorbing evenly. In my experience, you never know what can happen with staining so you just have to be flexible and adapt.


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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