Lighting for Less Part Deux

I have spent the majority of the week searching for the remaining light fixtures that we need. I’ve been looking for an over the mirror light and pendant for the guest bathroom, pendants for over the kitchen counter and exterior lights.

Over the Mirror lack of lighting

Over the Mirror Fixture Location

Spot for the guest bath ceiling pendant

Ceiling pendant location


Lighting needed over the kitchen counter

The pendants will replace the dangling wire look we have going on

I’m really trying to be frugal at this point so I went to just about every vintage and thrift shop in town. Unfortunately all I came up with was a 60’s lucite pendant that was going for $275. I got her down to $225 but she wouldn’t budge from there. Even on Valentine’s Day! I think it might be too Hollywood anyways.

So after scouring the internet I think I’ve found at least the pendant for the guest bathroom. I found this on Overstock for $115.99.

Guest Bath Pendant Light

Check out it’s twin priced at $309.99.

Quoizel Downtown Bathroom PendantI think it’ll go nicely in the bathroom.

I love lighting that makes a statement but the bathroom is 5′ x 7′ and I’m not looking to spend a fortune. I think this fixture says clean & stylish at the right price. What do you think?

I love this fixture from Quoizel for over the mirror.

Quoizel Bathroom FixtureIt matches the pendant perfectly because it’s from the same collection. Unfortunately, its twin isn’t on Overstock so I’m trying to work some negotiating magic.

Back to the kitchen. Fabio hasn’t picked out any of the lighting so when he said he really liked a pendant from Home Depot that cost $40 (yes people, I said $40) I said sure that’ll work. Unfortunately the display model is totally deceiving. The finish on the display is brushed nickel but all they have for sale is antique brass which looks gold. That’s why it’s $40 and that’s why it’s not going in the kitchen.

Nautical Hampton Bay PendantI found this fixture from Kichler, which apparently is the only vendor who hasn’t sold out of this style at a price under $200.

Kichler Pendant
It has an industrial feel that goes with the rest of the kitchen so hopefully this will work out.

Through all this searching I discovered a helpful little hint. Always search ebay for your item and contact the seller even if it’s a store front. Then try to negotiate the price and shipping. Worked for me! 🙂



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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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