Marble Backsplash Fabrication

The other day I took a field trip over to the Kings of Marble shop here in Ft. Lauderdale. The owner of the shop, Dennis, was cool enough to let me hang out and watch him fabricate the backsplash for our master bathroom.

The material is silver travertine marble and it’s about 8-10.5″ tall and about 78″ long. We wanted to leave the natural shape of the top line on the marble but clean it up so it’s not rough, drill holes for the two faucets that will come off of the wall and cut 4″ off the height so it fits under the window. Dennis is also melding two pieces of the marble remnants together to create a window sill.

Here’s the original edge…kind of rough.

Rough Marble Edge

Dennis smoothing out the stone.

Smoothing the stone's edgeNew smooth edge…

New Smooth EdgeDennis cutting 4″ off the height with a table wet saw.

Cutting the MarbleCross marks the faucet spot.

Cross marks the faucet spotThe stone was moved outside and clamped to the table. A guide was used to help the diamond bit stay on target.

Setting up to drill holes for the faucetsDrilling the faucet holes with a diamond bit.

Drilling the faucet holesDrilling more holesThree perfect holes!

Three sweet holes Stay tuned for pics of the installation!


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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