House Exterior Paint Selection

We have been trying to decide what color to paint the house for about a year now. For a long time I thought we were all set. We were going to have a faux paint job done using three colors and I had the colors selected…done. Until we realized how much it will cost to have the exterior of our house faux painted. We’re at the end of the project and really trying to stop the never ending exodus of cash. So then I started sampling light colors, none of which really did it. Last week I started playing with reds. At this point I would really love some advice. Here’s what the house looks like now. Please try to ignore the massive mounds of dirt.

House ExteriorThe peachy color is the old color and the grey where the stucco has been patched. You can see my trial and error of color experimentation with the faux, light colors and reds. A couple of major factors in the color selection is that our house is not very big to begin with so a darker color will make it look smaller and the roof is dark so maybe we need a lighter color on the house itself to balance the dark roof. We need to consider the colors of the chicago brick driveway because it plays a major role in the appearance of the house. So, we know we need some kind of earth tone but are stuck right now. The exterior may become Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground like the interior, unless we come up with something else. Please help!!


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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8 Responses to House Exterior Paint Selection

  1. katy says:

    i love the red on the right, but i am always drawn to the brightest bright colors. i think the red on the left seems too dark (and maybe too pink?) and the red in the center is too washed out. also the red on the right looks pretty awesome with those flowering trees (what ARE those amazing trees?)
    p.s. i am super jealous of your future pool! (and my poor sailboat is envious of the refuge of your dock! she gets the crap beat out of her in the water up here).

    • designnsuch says:

      That’s the red I like too, Katy! The trees are bouganvilleas, they’re really popular down here, for obvious reasons. Well, if you wanted to bring your sailboat down here she has a place to stay. Fabio is still mourning the sale of his sailboat.

  2. Holly says:

    Are you planning on keeping that pretty flowering tree? If so, I might consider a more neutral natural color for the house and let the landscaping be the color pop. Maybe use an accent on the archway?

  3. Cat says:

    Have you considered a lime wash? It will give you a gorgeous blooming color and is so easy to aply. Check sydney harbor paints which is the distributer for Porter paints which makes the product. The colors are fabulous and give you a “washed ” look and perfect for stucco. I would go with a lighter color and one that the bouganvilia really pops off of. Anyways, just an idea…lovely home

    • designnsuch says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Cat! I didn’t think we could use the lime wash without sandblasting our house but it looks like it’s feasible with the primer.

  4. Brandi says:

    It’s just me but I would go with something natural and let the landscaping be the center of attention. Then the front will change with the seasons beautifully. Maybe a light jade would be nice? I’ve never had to pick a house color though, scary decision!

    • designnsuch says:

      Thanks for the input Brandi! It is a little scary because before this project I had never chosen a paint color!! I think you’re right about the light color. I’m going to play with lime wash and see what happens there. 🙂

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