Pool Tile

After yesterday’s post I’m sure you’re wondering what the pool finish is going to look like. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. We finally worked out that we needed to use glass tile instead of stone because with the constant overflow of water stone would really get a beating and need constant maintenance. I finally managed to make a tile selection and placed the order. When I called to confirm delivery time I was told there was a glitch in the inventory and that tile wasn’t actually available. Boo hoo hoo!! Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to do; cry.   I managed to pull myself together and have selected another tile which is supposed to arrive tomorrow. It’s from American Olean’s Visionaire collection. The color is Smokey Ballad and the tile is 5/8″x 5/8″. Our pool contractor highly suggested we use a tile smaller than 1″x1″ because the pool has curved corners and with smaller tiles there will be fewer cuts.

Pool Tile

The tile is going to be installed at the water line, on top of the cap and wrap down the exterior wall into the gutter. There will also be 18″ of tile across the front of the spa and at the water line inside the spa. Take a look at the pics in yesterday’s post and you’ll get a better idea of what’ going on.

Now, if you notice the grout doesn’t look like ordinary grout and that’s because it’s not!! It’s Starglass! StarGlass combines a reflective, round glass bead aggregate with a patented Urethane Grout Technology binder to create a translucent grout that will bring elegance and beauty to your glass or metal tile installation. Obviously quoted straight from the website. Basically there is recycled glass ground up in the grout so it sparkles in the sun! Check out the colors here.

I can’t even believe my luck. The Starglass rep is in South Florida and leaving me samples at Daltile tomorrow. I hope it’s as beautiful as I think it is!! BTW I never in my life even considered that I would be this excited about grout. Is this a problem??


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  1. courtney says:

    it’s only a problem if you go to meetings 😉

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