Master Closet Remodel

We’ve been thinking pretty hard about how we are going to organize our master closet. It’s a new room created during the remodel by combining three closets, one that was in our old office (now the master bedroom), one from the bathroom and one that was in the gym.

Master Closet Doorway

View of the doorway

Master Closet East View

Left Wall View

Master Closet West View

Right wall view

It’s a decent size room (I forget exact dimensions right now) and we had wanted to enclose the left and right side of the room with doors creating his and her closets inside the room. This is so that no one would see the mess (including us) from the doorway. We initially wanted wood doors with frosted glass inserts but they’re more than we wanted to pay. Then we considered aluminum doors from The Sliding Door Company which are really nice but also kind of more than we felt like paying.

The Sliding Door Company Closet

Plus they’re nice but not really indicative of any style but nice. Then super creative Fabio came up with an idea to create bars and shelving like an All Saints Spitalfield store. If you’re not familiar with All Saints, it’s a UK based men’s and women’s clothing store. The merchandising of their stores is AMAZING. The first time I walked by an All Saints store front I was mesmerized. The entire store front is glass and filled top to bottom, left to right with vintage sewing machines. All of the fixtures are created from vintage industrial apparel manufacturing machines, like huge looms. Their goal is to create the feel of an old time apparel factory. Very cool. I’ve got to go take inspiration pics for the welder so I’ll post those soon.

We would like to create wrought iron bars to hang clothes on and wood shelves bordered by iron for folded items. We bought a vintage sewing machine table for $10 at a yard sale that will work perfectly as a little dressing table. On the walls behind the shelf we’re thinking maybe to print some kind of industrial pictures on wall paper so that you don’t see just the painted wall behind the clothes. That’s what we figured out this morning.

Before this epiphany I had done some research on the technicalities of designing a well functioning closet. For anyone interested you can find great tips here and here.


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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2 Responses to Master Closet Remodel

  1. I am doing the same right now, closets are hard to figure out…

    • designnsuch says:

      Ooh, I can’t wait to see what you do! The links at the bottom of my post have some pretty good technical info. If you go to a California closet or a place like that, they’ll do a layout for you with the quote which might be helpful. But yeah, closets are tricky. 😉

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