Window Treatments…

The words kind of lead you to think they would be a treat to find, but it hasn’t been that easy as of yet. Though, usually when I start looking for something, I need it like, yesterday. We’re moving back to our house this weekend and don’t have any curtains for the french door in the bedroom.

Bedroom French Door

Sadly, this is the best picture I have...

Not the ultimate privacy paradise.

I’ve been on the hunt and have at least narrowed it down to what we like.

I LOVE these so if anyone knows where to find them please let me know ASAP!! 😉 JK you can take your time (not).

Another love…
The closest thing to the dream so far…
So, what do you think? Are they close enough??

About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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