Closet Design

We recently revisited the master closet design and revised it once again. This is the latest layout.

Master Closet LayoutWe’re not doing entirely separate his and her walls because of the configuration of the room. On the east wall (top drawing)  the depth of the wall to the doorway is just 18″ and the typical closet depth is 24″. So, were thinking that we can still install a combination of drawers and shelving that we can share. Then once you’re far enough into the room, we decided 36″, the hanging portion of the closet can begin and have a depth of 24″. Double hanging bars will be installed here, one at 42″, one at 82″ with a shelf on top at 84″.

On the west wall (bottom drawing) there is no issue with depth so the closet will start with a 36″ long hanging bar at a height of 66″ for long coats and dresses that we’ll share. Then there will be a double hang bar again at 42″ and 82″ with a shelf above at 84″.

How do I know where to put all of the bars and shelves, you ask?? I’m a genious! JK, I previously posted some helpful links but Gary Katz has put together an amazing article here. And if the heights don’t work out Gary is in trouble!!

I do foresee a slight issue with the closet. There is really no place for shoes. I laid out our shoes the other day and we clearly need at least 6 shelves 36″ wide to house all of our shoes. Uh oh! The only thing I can think of is to take 6″ off the long hanging area, 12″ off the second hanging area which would leave 36″ of double hanging bars and create an 18″ wide bank of shelves for shoes at the end of the west wall. Actually we could probably insert a corner shelf in that space and make it 18″ on either side and have a whole accessory area!! Wow, blogging is actually useful. It slows down the ADD and makes me think things through. Amazing! Off to revise the closet drawing…

Hold on, I just realized I’m only getting 36″ of hanging space out of this room. Even if it’s double hanging, it still isn’t that much. I just measured an 18″ space on the back wall and it appears to be perfect for a bank of shoe/accessory shelves. Now I just have to convince Fabio he’ll have enough room for his broad shoulders in between the shelves and his clothes. I could then have 48″ double hanging bars and a 36″ shared space for longer clothes. This sounds like the best idea. What do you think? Any advice??

Here are some updated drawings of the last idea with shelving on the back wall. I had also forgotten that Fabio wanted single drawers on the east wall instead of double drawers. Makes sense, you maximize space and spend less money.

Closet Design

Closet Design- Back WallI think this is the final answer people.

Oh and if you want to see what the actual closet looks like there are pics here.


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  1. Hi,

    nice, I like the whole planning the closet thing. I’m also a very “planning” person, but still don’t have the whole idea of my closet. But I think I will find some here and there – on the internet or some where else.


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