Sealing the Concrete Countertops Part 1

We finally began sealing the concrete countertops in the kitchen yesterday!



We were initially going to seal them with a penetrating sealer but opted for a low gloss epoxy resin sealer from V-Seal instead. I used that same sealer in the shower and it’s specifically intended for countertops. Our worry was that the penetrating sealer wouldn’t provide enough protection and the counter had developed a small crack in the sink that was leaking. The crack needed to be sealed with epoxy so we figured to keep the look consistent everything should be sealed with epoxy.


We also wanted to fill the larger voids with epoxy tinted with pigment.


I mixed everything up and we started filling the voids. It was taking much longer than expected and I began to get pretty nervous because after the solution is mixed the ppt life is 45 mins before it starts drying out. I realized I should’ve only mixed half of the product but it was too late. With the voids finally filled I started applying the epoxy with a paint pad like I had done in the shower. To my dismay the pad was totally falling apart and there were fibers all mixed in with the epoxy! I started to panic and we furiously scrubbed the epoxy off with wet rags. Thankfully it came off. But disaster was still pending. It had definitely been 45 minutes since I had mixed up the sealer and it was starting to dry out so we decided to use paint brushes to apply the sealer. Big mistake…huge mistake! The sealer dried with the paint brush strokes. I called V-Seal and the rep suggested sanding the lines even and then apply the second part of the kit which would hopefully mask everything. Long story short, the guy I was working with sanded color off the backsplash, I had a major meltdown and we still don’t have a use-able kitchen.

Solution…re-apply color where it has been sanded off with Soycrete stain, order more epoxy and re-seal the counters. To be continued next week…


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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