Wine Cooler Discourse

Be forewarned, this post is more to help me decide on a wine cooler than will probably be of interest to anyone else. That is unless you also have the need for a built in wine cooler no larger than 15″ w x 24″d x 34 1/4″ h. The main determining factors affecting the decision are dimension, appearance and price because I figure unless there’s some really horrible review, they all function about the same. These are the options I’ve found so far…

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

EdgeStar Wine Cooler

  • Height: 32″
  • Width: 15″
  • Depth: 23 3/4″
  • Depth With Handle: 25 1/2″

Price: $569.60 w/ tax & shipping

Pros: Nice wood shelves and stainless steel door
Cons: Handle (Between the stove, refrigerator and cabinet hardware we already have three handle styles in the kitchen. A fourth is totally unnecessary.) The blue LED display looks kind of annoying

Avanti Wine Cooler

Avanti Wine CoolerDimensions: 34″ H x 15″ W x 25″ D
Price: $526.99 online or Brandsmart may have it in-store for $499.88

Pros: Wood Shelves, Stainless Steel Door, Soft Display
Cons: Bottom grid, handle

Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler

Danby Wine Cooler

Dimensions: Width 15 inch x Depth 24 12/16 inch x Height 34 1/16 inch
Price: $729.95 at

Pros: Stainless Steel Door, No large handle
Cons: Price, Only review said that the quality should be better for the price

Summit Wine Cooler

Summit Wine CoolerDimensions: 22.2 x 14.8 x 34 inches
Price: $622

Pros: Simple design, wood shelves and stainless steel door
Cons: Handle, Reviewers say it’s a little noisy

Whynter Wine Cooler

Whynter Wine CoolerDimensions: 34”H x 14.75″W x 24.25″D (Add 1.8″ in depth with handle installed)
Price: $580

Pros: Clean design, stainless steel door
Cons: Handle, Never heard of the brand though it did get reviewed here

Drum roll please…Well, there isn’t a clear winner. The Danby is most convincing because of the lack of a large handle but it is at least $150 more than the other choices. The Whynter is probably my second choice because I like the overall appearance and handle better than the rest. I’ll run it by fabulous Fabio and see what he says. Hopefully we’ll make a decision soon because this gaping hole is not cute. 🙂



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