Cabinet Jewelry!!

Or as most people know it, cabinet hardware. Yes, the kitchen cabinet hardware was installed today and adds just the right touch to the kitchen. We chose a traditional/slightly industrial pull (not the cup pull) from Schaub & Company.

Schaub & Company HardwareIt was a big decision and I kind of tortured the poor guys at Classic Decorative Hardware for a while, ordering samples and bringing them back, before finally deciding on these.

We got the big mama 12″ to go on the pantry pull outs next to the refrigerator and those are definitely my favorite.



We ordered the 4″ for the rest of the drawers, which I kind of struggled with not ordering the 4″ for some drawers and 6″ for others. Everyone I talked to said to stick with the same size throughout or it would look busy so I listened (for once!).




We went kind of crazy with the angle of the pulls on the microwave cabinet. We just didn’t like them vertical or horizontal and then my brother in law, oh so naturally held them up to the cabinet at a 45 and Fabio and I were like oh, they look good like that. I guess we will keep them. It’s always good to have as many eyes on things as possible, even if you don’t use the suggestions!



The carpenter is coming back tomorrow to finish installing the kitchen hardware and bath hardware . Then he’s starting on the walk-in closet…yay!!


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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