Next Step for the Pool- Selecting the Water Color

Say what?? You can select what color you want your pool water to be?? Well, yes kind of. The interior of the pool walls are coated with a stucco whether it’s Diamond Brite, Florida Gem, PebbleTek, etc. We’re going with Florida Gem because that’s what’s in our budget. I was trolling the internet as usual before getting down to business when I came across this blog post about selecting a pool color by Things That Inspire. I thought, oh that’s right, pretty soon they’re going to ask what color I want for the Florida Gem and I have no idea. I think the contractor left me with some pictures. Nope, just pictures of the stucco which really doesn’t help because I have no idea what color they’ll make the water. I came across the Lowcountry Custom Construction website where they have kindly posted pictures of finished pools and listed the Florida Gem color that was used. Nice! I’m debating between the following…

Aqua Gem by Florida Gem

Aqua Gem

Bone Gem by Florida Gem

Bone Gem

White Gem by Florida Gem

White Gem

Sky Blue Gem by Florida Gem

Sky Blue Gem

After looking at these again, the water all looks almost the same color. I think I wanna do a really light colored water like the picture below. Luckily this is a pool done by our pool contractor so he should know what color Florida Gem was used. Hopefully, it was Florida Gem but considering the pool it might be PebbleTek or some other high end finish.

Light Water Color

Ok, I’m off to email the pool contractor. Hopefully he’ll have photos of finished pools with notes on what stucco color was used. 🙂

Oh, by the way this and this are threads with useful pool remodeling info.


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