Our Pond/Water Garden in the Works

I am super excited about our pond project that is going on. When entering the house you walk through a little arch into a courtyard and then to the front door. It was formerly a typical South Florida collection of plants and palms.

House Exterior Before

Inside the Courtyard

Inside the Courtyard

Other Side of the Courtyard

Other Side of the Courtyard

We decided to transform the small courtyard into a small water garden with fish and a turtle! We knew nothing of ponds at the time, just that it would look really cool. All of the plants were taken out and a 2′ hole was dug to create the pond. We went all the way and had the walls formed with concrete (obviously, that is if you’ve been following the blog).

Pond Wall Formation

Bird's Eye View

Pond Wall Formation

Pond Wall Completed

Completed Pond Wall

After the walls were formed a patio and bridge were built so that we could A. get to the front door and B. really adopt the southern lifestyle and sit out on the front porch sipping a cold beverage enjoying the serenity of our water garden.

Next step was to install the liner and secure it to a 2×4 that was attached to the top of the pond wall and then fill ‘er up! While filling her up I attempted to perform origami with the liner because the corners were really bunched up. I managed to get them folded in pretty neatly but of course we’re going to have rocks to hide all the folds and bunching.

Stretching Out the Liner

Stretching Out the Liner

Getting the Liner in Place

Getting the Liner in Place

The white blocks against the wall are pieces of foam that will serve as a shelf to sit plants on.

Still trying to get the liner in place

Still trying to get the liner in place

Fillin 'er up

Fillin 'er up

I bet you’re wondering how we’re going to hide all of the hideous lining. Well, the bottom is easy; we’ll just cover it with gravel. To hide the sides we’ll stack thin, slate type rocks along the border. The top is another story. Good thing Fabio & I are creative geniuses! We decided to use the same copper flashing that borders the roof.

Installing the copper flashing

Installing the copper flashing

Installing the copper flashing 2

Beautiful copper flashing installed

Beautiful Copper Flashing Installed

Last but not least we had to install and stain the bridge so that we could actually get to the front door.


And of course we need the patio where we’ll be sipping our cold beverages.

Bridge and Patio

Next step is to add the plants around the border of the pond which may happen today! And of course add a filter which is a project all its’ own. We’re building a biological filter with instructions from the infamous Skippy.


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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4 Responses to Our Pond/Water Garden in the Works

  1. Holly says:

    This is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished product

  2. courtney says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post!!!! Girl, this is AMAZING!!!!

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