Adventures in Sealing Concrete Countertops Part II

Last you heard I was about to apply the epoxy sealer to the concrete countertops. That was about 2 weeks ago and so far the sealer appears to have adhered and looks really nice.

Sealed Concrete Counter The tools used for the job were Epoxy 1040 from Contractor Source, a 3″ roller with 1/4″ nap, roller tray, small foam brush for corners and tight spaces and a bucket to mix the two parts of the epoxy.

Supplies needed to apply the sealerFirst you mix part A & B of the sealer together in a bucket, stirring so they are well mixed.

Mixed Concrete Sealer

Then pour the mixture into the roller tray and apply onto the counter with the roller brush in a thin layer. I went back over the same area to try and minimize the appearance of stroke lines.

Sealer Application

Applied SealerThe sealer turns clear pretty quickly so it’s best to apply it in an orderly manner so you know where it’s been applied.

The sink was the most difficult area to apply the sealer because of the vertical sides. Just keep rolling over the areas where drip marks appear and spread the sealer evenly.

Sealer in the sinkAnd that’s it! Sounds pretty easy right. The most important part of the process is the surface preparation. If that portion of the job is done properly applying the sealer is actually pretty simple.


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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4 Responses to Adventures in Sealing Concrete Countertops Part II

  1. Monica Rueda says:

    I love all the concrete work you had done. I am in a middle of a home renovation and I have some ideas using concrete as bathroom furniture and a kitchen island, but not sure with the process of sealing and coloring. Could you give me some tips about products and process. I will appreciated

    • designnsuch says:

      Hey Monica,
      As I’m sure you know there are a lot of different options for finishing concrete. For color I like the Kemiko Acid Stain. There are lots of different companies that sell acid stain and I’m sure they’re pretty much the same. There is a Kemiko distributor near me and I could pick their brain when I purchased product which was helpful. In this post there’s a link to a helpful YouTube video that shows exactly how to apply acid stain. For the counters instead of using the big sprayer I used a plastic spray bottle. Other than that the process is the same. As for sealing I had the best luck with the Epoxy 1040 that I mentioned here. If you have any specific questions let me know. Good luck!!

  2. Damon New says:

    Your countertops look great!

    I’m about to reseal my concrete countertops for the third time. The last two times, I used the Buddy Rhodes penetrating and topical sealers and they didn’t hold up. I did use the BR concrete mix since I love how the marble aggregate comes through after wet polishing. I didn’t add any stain to my mix since I like the off-white natural finish. But, having such light colored countertops in a heavily used kitchen with the sealers I chose was subject to stains and discoloration, which we have a lot of now.

    Since it’s been over a year since you applied the Epoxy 1040, I was wondering how it is holding up. I too was going to go the VSeal route, but after reading your other articles, I’m really interesting in how your counter tops are doing with the 1040. If you have a chance, please post some photos of how well they look after a year of use.


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