Patio Update n Such

The patio is sooo close to being done. The white concrete was poured over the gray to create the finished floor. We then stained the floor with Soycrete but we’re not super happy with the color so I’m experimenting with different shades of acid stain to come up with a darker shade that suits the area a bit better. Soycrete is nice in small areas but it seems that when applied in a larger area it’s really difficult to hide the stroke marks.

Front View of Patio

Fabio reminded me that he originally wanted the exterior flooring to be the same color as the interior flooring so that from the dining room looking out to the patio it would appear as one room, making the house feel that much larger. I wanted to kick myself initially for not having listened to him but then realized with the house being a golden yellow it really wouldn’t have been a nice match to golden wheat (also kind of yellow) stained floors. I guess had we planned better we could’ve made it all work but hey it’s gonna be fabulous anyways!!

Naturally I’ve waited until now to search for a ceiling fan/light. I’m such a procrastinator, but the good news is that I’m working on that. We need a ceiling fan/light to go right in the middle of the room where you see the little hole in the ceiling below.

Patio Sideview

Get ready for a little crazy. I actually photoshopped each fan thatI thought might work into the picture above. It was actually pretty helpful.

Kichler Fan

Traditional Minka Lavery Type Fan

Fanimation Fan

Tropical Minka Lavery Fan

Modern Fan

I would definitely not say my style is tropical but for some reason I really like the tropical looking fan in pic #4.


It’s between that and the modern fan in the last picture.

There’s another really cool fan by Minka Lavery that I think would be great here but I don’t think it’s for outdoors.


Unfortunately I don’t think the modern one in the last rendering is for outdoors either but at least I can show that to a salesperson so they get an idea of what we’re looking for.


After reviewing this post it doesn’t really sound like I have any idea of what I’m looking for. Well, I like the tropical brown fan, the modern brown and the last green and brown modernish one that I didn’t show in a rendering. At least this will give Fabio something to look at and see if there’s anything he likes too and then I can move forward with the search. Nothing like a time crunch to get ya’ motivated!


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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2 Responses to Patio Update n Such

  1. What a lot of work! And I would love to see it finished look. I’m sure it’s gonna turn out so beautiful.

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