Kitchen Tour

The kitchen is the most completed room in the house and also our favorite room. It is completely custom and a lot of thought went into the design. The room was previously a bedroom and there was a wall splitting the kitchen from the dining room where the step down is. We wanted to have one open space from kitchen to dining room so we took out the wall separating the rooms to create one large area. Previously, the kitchen was a small galley style layout on the other side of the house. We decided to move the kitchen to the opposite side of the house, where you can look out onto the pool and canal. This area lends itself to indoor/outdoor living because eventually the grill/outdoor cooking area will be just outside the kitchen door.

Kitchen Remodel Overview

Kitchen Remodel Overview 2

As you can see there are no upper cabinets; just one run of lower cabinets and the island. The cabinet base is made of concrete, to keep out the bugs, as are the counters and backsplash. I think you’ve heard me talk about concrete enough but if not check out the decorative concrete tab and you’ll get your fill!

Kitchen Remodel- Counter Run

I’m sure you noticed the plastic covering the window and yes, I’m jumping the gun on the kitchen tour but if I wait until it’s totally finished I’ll be a million and five.

A carpenter built all of the drawers, cabinets and island. It was quite the process and if you go the custom route, everything needs to be custom unless you plan really well. We just bought a nice slide-out dual bin trash can which had to be returned because it’s a 1/2″ too tall. Come to find out they don’t make a slide out trash can under 19″. So now we have to install the hardware and make it ourselves.

Back to the tour. We tried to plan the island where each compartment and drawer had a specific function. Below is the north side, which has a narrow storage area for cutting boards, a hole where the wine cooler will go and then a dummy panel because of the sink.

North side of island


Kitchen Remodel_ Cutting board storage

On the west side of the island, there is a bar sink great for washing veggies and making salads, under which the garbage will go. Uggh!

Kitchen Island Sink

Then there is a column of three drawers, one for utensil storage in dire need of organization, and two larger drawers for storage of pots and pans and baking/casserole pans and dishes also in need of organization.

Kitchen Island West Side

Kitchen Island Drawer Interior

On the south side, there is a handy outlet compartment, probably the most useful thing in the entire kitchen. If you have an island definitely put an outlet that can be easily accessed from the island. To the right of the handy outlet compartment is another column of drawers; one thin for silverware and two deep for all of our dishes.

Kitchen Island Outlet Compartment

Now you see me

Kitchen Island Outlet Compartment

Now you don't!

The east side of the island is the seating area for which we bought West Elm Industrial Bar Stools which I think perfectly suit the style of the kitchen.

West Elm Industrial Bar Stool

Wait there’s another secret!

Ktichen Island East Side

Where's the secret??

Kitchen Island Secret Storage

Ta daa!! Secret storage compartment!

Since we didn’t want to hang upper cabinets, we had to get incorporate storage wherever we could so we made use of every empty inch in the cavity of the island.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the kitchen tour and have a great weekend! 🙂


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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  1. Steve says:

    Great Job.

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