Kitchen Tour Continued

So let’s pick up where I left off on Friday, when I was speaking of maximizing storage in the kitchen. We had a cabinet built around our refrigerator which includes two tall pantry pullouts and four small cabinets above. When I look at our refrigerator I almost feel like making up a new word for it because it’s so beautiful. We had originally purchased another refrigerator that came with built in panels so it would blend into the cabinet. But when it came time to install the refrigerator we were unhappy with our selection, so we returned it and bought this beautiful unit, the Thermador Freedom refrigerator. I kind of worship it on a daily basis.

Refrigerator Cabinet

The two tall pantry pull outs from Hafele are fantastic. They hold so much and you can see pretty much everything inside when they’re open.

Hafele Pantry Pull Outs

Up top we store things that aren’t used very much, especially since I have to break out an actual ladder to get up there when Fabio isn’t home! I haven’t picked up one of those handy three step stools and the two step just doesn’t get me up there.

We really didn’t want to have the microwave sitting on the counter and we needed a place to store alcohol :), so we had a cabinet built that does double duty. It’s kind of like a bar/late night snack cook station/coffee/tea station all in one. That’s a hard working cabinet!

Microwave Cabinet

Microwave Cabinet Close Up

Above the microwave we store glassware, which is not so artfully arranged and below is where the alcohol lives.

Tip of the day: Even though you hire people to do work for you they expect you to ensure their work is accurate. If you can, be sure to double check the measurements on designs to ensure you’re getting what you want. The first time the microwave cabinet was delivered the microwave didn’t fit. The carpenter had written 24″ down as a measurement, but that was the width of the microwave and he ended up making the final dimension of the cabinet 24″ and then stated that we had approved his design. No, no, no…we asked you to build us a cabinet for our microwave, period end of story. So, long story short the cabinet was enlarged.

The other appliance that I worship on a daily basis is the stove. It’s an Italian brand called Bertazzoni. I just love the vintage industrial feel and the attention to detail in the design.

Bertazzoni Stove

Bertazzoni Stove Detail

Bertazzoni Stove Details

When we had the stainless steel backsplash made we also had four brackets made which were inspired by the brackets on the stove. Details, details. 🙂

Backsplash Bracket

Being Italian, Fabio wanted it to appear like there was a real chimney above the stove serving as the hood. So, we had a “chimney” formed out of drywall encase the hood and trimmed it in wood we found in our neighbor’s garbage. Score!

Stove Hood

Finished "Chimney"

Stove Hood Framing

Hood Formed in Drywall

Stove Hood Construction part 2

Compound has been applied

Stove Hood Construction Part 3

Trimmed out with neighbor's garbage, lol!

Moving on down the line, next to the stove is the counter run with a large farmhouse sink. The counter was formed and poured out of concrete all in one piece, including the sink.

Forming the concrete counter

This is what it looks like now…

Counter Run

Initially, I thought the sink was completely oversized but now I love that it’s so big. It’s really comfortable washing dishes after a dinner party in a space with plenty of room. On a daily basis I tend to wash dishes by hand and there’s enough space for a drying rack to hang on one side of the sink.

concrete farmhouse sink

Chicago faucet

The faucet is from Chicago Faucets, which Fabio chose because it’s a “professional” kitchen faucet. 🙂 And let me tell you, he’s making some professional meals that are delish!

Kitchen Remodel- Counter Run

We were also really happy to be able to fit a dishwasher in this run next to the sink. Right now it’s kind of obvious because of the ugly black kickplate, but we’ll replace that one day.

The industrial style lights over the counter are from Kichler, which of the many similar styles were a great price and fit for the space.

Kichler Pendants

The last detail I’ll fawn over is the Ipe threshold that separates the kitchen from the dining room. It’s this attention to detail, that I give credit to Fabio and my brother in law Alessandro of Double P Construction, that really makes our house stand out…to us at least!

Ipe threshold

With that, the kitchen tour is finished!


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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4 Responses to Kitchen Tour Continued

  1. Bob Overgaard says:

    You could bathe an entire family of elves in that sink!! But then I and a bunch of otherwise stinky elves think the size is great. And to have enough light to see what you are doing in the hardest worked room in the house… folks have got to be loving it.

    • designnsuch says:

      Lol! You always have such a way with words. We do love the kitchen and yes there is plenty of light. We have a strip of high hats that illuminate the island in addition to the pendants over the sink.

  2. sewbeeit says:

    You have a beautiful home. I love your choices!

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