Kitchen Remodeling- The Beginning

After posting The Kitchen Tour I went back and realized I hadn’t ever posted about the actual construction of the kitchen as it went along. Bad blogger!

(Bad picture disclaimer…the pictures in this post were taken with the iphone 3g before Apple decided to step up the camera phone game!)

As I mentioned in The Kitchen Tour we moved the kitchen from one side of the house to the other and broke down a wall that separated the two rooms. Below is the original kitchen location which was a small galley u-shaped design.

Original Kitchen Location

Original Kitchen Location

Once we knew we were moving the kitchen we had a blank slate that we could really do anything with. After a lot of pondering and discussion we came up with a layout consisting of a single counter run against the far wall, the refrigerator cabinet on the left wall, the microwave cabinet on the opposite wall and an island in the center.

Kitchen Layout

The lower cabinets against the wall were framed and poured out of concrete first.

Phase 1 Kitchen Remodeling Overview

Concrete Kitchen Cabinets

Above you can see how the backsplash was laid out; totally free form, lol!

Below you can see the old kitchen door. It was white with the grid decoration, perfect for harboring dirt, which is really what you want to see day in and day out.

Old Kitchen Door

The next phase was getting the “furniture” in place. Below is the base of the island, what they call the box, which creates the interior shape of the island.

Kitchen Island Frame

Then the fun really started. We called just about every guy we knew to move the island top from another room where it had been formed to it’s final resting place on top of the island box.

Moving the concrete island top

Waiting for reinforcements

Luckily, they were able to get it in place in one piece.

Concrete Island Countertop

Moving the other counters was much easier as they were made just in front of where they were going to live eventually, so they were just flipped over. The backsplash was formed separately and then put in place.

All kitchen counters in place

In the picture below you can see how the “chimney” style hood was framed out before the drywall was installed. Metal strips nailed to the base and ceiling formed the shape around the actual hood.

Kitchen Hood

Next, the refrigerator cabinet was put in place. You can see this took a bit of time from the change in color of the floor. But hey, all good things are worth waiting for.

Refrigerator Cabinet Frame

Then of course all of the cabinet doors/and drawers had to be made and installed. You see how they looked just after installation here. Then of course staining them was a whole other discourse.

Tip of the day…when having custom cabinets built, the finishing aka staining is usually done by another person. So when getting prices be sure to ask exactly what is included in the pricing; fabrication, installation, finishing, staining & sealing are all components that need to be addressed. Oh and who pays for the drawer hardware…the components that actually make the drawer function. And what kind of hardware will it be?

For more posts about the kitchen check out the kitchen tab under The Great Renovate! Have you remodeled a kitchen? What useful tips did you learn along the way?


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