The Master Bath Has Bling!!

The master bathroom has been painted for the final time (I think) and the accessories have been installed. Now I just need towels to go on those accessories. 🙂 Well, pretty towels. Here’s what it’s looking like now.

Master Bathroom Remodel Overview

I ordered this mirror from Z Gallery to go above the backsplash. Not sure if it’s gonna work but I love how the bevel detail matches the bevel detail on the cabinet doors. Somebody smack me if I’m being too matchy, matchy. I get a little crazy sometimes.

Z Gallery Mirror

I don’t know. I think it might be too modern. Fabio mentioned it would be cool to have a mirror with kind of a wavy frame, inspired by the backsplash. We’ll see, the Z Gallery mirror should be here this week.

In real life the color of the cabinets is more like the picture below.

Master Bathroom Remodel Overview

Towel Ring

The toilet and bidet are in a little room of their own just to the right of the vanity. I’m still planning on buying/making some kind of mesh or silver ball chain curtain to go in the doorway. Above the bidet I’d like to put some kind of storage unit. Of course I’m not sure what yet. Any suggestions? There’s a window above the toilet so we can’t put anything there.

Toilet Room

This is the wall opposite the toilet.

Toilet Room Opposite Wall

I’m thinking of writing some inspiring quotes on the wall so that we have something to read all the time. Lol!! Something kind of like this…

With a tidbit from the video below. If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should, that is after you finish reading my blog. It’s so inspiring. Especially the last part with the old man.

Maybe I’ll put a picture of a sunrise above it. The toilet room can double as a meditation room. Nice!

If you were standing at the sink the shower would be behind you (behind the toilet room) and to the right. The shower is totally different and I’m still getting used to it. It was Fabio’s brainchild. I’ve posted before on it’s construction and the materials we used to get that marbled effect.

Master Bathroom Shower

Master Bathroom shower

This is where we’ll keep our towels for showering. I’m thinking to maybe put some wavy shelves above the towel bar to store additional towels and trinkets.

Master Bath Towel Bar Wall

I’m super happy with the bathroom accessories/hardware. Whatever. They’re from Gatco’s Jewel Collection and I love them.

Towel Bar

Towel Bar Detail

Towel Hook

I’m still trying to decide on accent colors. I really like the links bathmat from West Elm but I wish it was a deeper blue. Though the color of the mat is nice.

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest


Omg I just found a color palette I’m totally in love with on Design Seeds. Love that site!!


I could use the deeper blue and the color of the west elm mat together. Nice!

And here’s Papi! Obviously annoyed at the amount of time I’m spending taking pictures of the bathroom instead of playing with him. Love you Papi!!



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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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6 Responses to The Master Bath Has Bling!!

  1. Brandi says:

    The mirror may work in there! Never know until you try it. I would find some kind of vintage cabinet for above the bidet. Not too fancy just something to balance out the modern side of your gorgeous bath.

    P.S. Yes I got my suzani chairs upholstered with fabric I found and I love them!

    • designnsuch says:

      I think the mirror may be nice. If you order something from Z Gallery & have it delivered to the store you don’t have to pay shipping & you can return it without paying a restocking fee. No risk there!

      Vintage cabinet sounds good…we need something interesting, maybe deco inspired.

      Love those chairs! Looks like you have a great fabric store near you from your most recent post.

  2. Marsh Willis says:

    Yeah, very useful and practical points are covered in this article. I love your each and every bathroom accessory. Good going…!

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