Garden Love

We planned to have a little planter bed next to the patio in the backyard so today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and planted this little area. The planter bed is under the patio roof so we knew to get shade plants. We also didn’t want anything that gets too tall that would block our view of the water. We chose an angel wing begonia, another type of begonia, a large leaf plant and another leafy plant with burgundy and green leaves.

First we put a layer of sand so the area would drain well, then we added top soil and a little more sand. Then we got to planting.We topped it off with mulch and then added a border of river rock that we had left over.

planter bed

Finished planter bed

Finished planter bed

Angel Wing Begonia

The plants are a little small now but I’m sure they’ll fill in nicely. We would like to add one more begonia to the mix so we’ll be sure to pick one up on our next visit to the nursery.

Happy Easter!!


About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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1 Response to Garden Love

  1. Bob Overgaard says:

    Take a look at the beefsteak begonias. The leaves and flowers are both huge.

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