Landscaping Happenings

Hey there, it’s been a while! Major improvements have happened in the landscaping department recently so it motivated me to get blogging again. 🙂 The last work we really did in the backyard was in May. In the planters in front of the pool we planted 2 African Silver Leaf trees, some Tibouchina and some Chenille ground cover.

Planter Before

Planter Before

Yesterday we got it together and finished putting down black paper and filled the planter beds with rocks. Looking back at these pictures I can’t believe how much the plants have grown in three months. We ended up having to move the chenille ground cover to the front yard because the iguanas were eating them. Yes, iguanas. Fabio is in an all out battle with them because they are eating our plants. The iguanas are losing. 🙂 We also added some cactus type plants that we call brains.

Planter Bed Now

East planter

Planter Close up

In May we also planted Perennial Grass that separates the future sunbathing area from the raised bed, Texas Sage on the left that creates a hedge in front of the fence, a Sapodilla Tree in the middle that produces a delicious fruit that tastes like a pear soaked in brown sugar and a Bleeding Heart vine that we’re hoping will take over the trellis at some point. On the far left is a lime tree. Please excuse the Instagram obsession.

Perennial Grass

Here’s another pic of the area in May. Blank slate!

Raised Bed Area in May

In June we had a raised bed built and soon we hope to start a veggie garden!

Raised Bed

Until yesterday the area around the raised bed was completely filled with weeds. We had the area cleaned out and laid a row of large paver bricks to create a retainer wall to prevent the mulch from washing away when it rains. The bricks also created a nice little planter bed for the plants that were installed in May.

Mulch Area I know you’re probably wondering what those two little plants with red flowers are doing on the bottom right. Those are part of Fabio’s love for trying just a couple of plants to see how they do. They’re cute but we definitely need more.

Most people would have put grass where the mulch is but we really don’t want to mow grass or pay someone to do it for us. Hence, the mulch. We want to put more plants in the future but for now it’s mulch land.

Below is a shot of the baby Sapodilla tree. It’s probably two or three years old now but it was in a small pot for a while which probably stunted its’ growth. The baby is free now and looks really happy.

Brick Paver Bed

Brick Planter

Brick Planter

Bleeding Heart Vine

Close Up of the Bleeding Heart Vine

The poor Mandevilla vine has one flower left. We have a drip irrigation system set up but I don’t think she was getting enough water so I changed out the head yesterday. I’m sure she’ll have more flowers soon.

Mandevilla Vine

Texas Sage

Texas Sage

The Texas Sage makes pretty purple flowers every so often. I’m not real sure what makes them flower but the bushes are really pretty when they’re flowering.

Texas Sage

I must say I’m super happy with the way the backyard is shaping up. Much better than overgrown weeds!

Area Overview

Final Overview


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2 Responses to Landscaping Happenings

  1. Bob Overgaard says:

    The Texas Sage really responds well when you play it lots of Willie Nelson music.

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