New Life for an Antique Light

We’ve had lots of little projects going on around the house. Most of them are in an unfinished state but we finally completed one! Tadaa…

Antique Ship Light

Antique Ship Light

Fabio had this antique ship light at his house in Italy which we recently shipped here along with some other furniture and antique treasures. We wanted to use the fixture to light the bar side of our island which is kind of dark. I can’t show you a current picture because our house is a total mess as we’re in project land but here’s a little diagram so you can get an idea.


I found a light bulb converter to enable the use of a regular light bulb and rewired the lamp with the advice of the Home Depot electrical associate. It was actually pretty easy. We then sprayed the interior of the light white because it was kind of dingy and thought it would reflect more light from the bulb. We also decided to frost the glass so you can’t see inside the fixture which we totally love! The coil pipe going from the fixture to the ceiling is silver electrical tubing so I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze and we connected it to the canopy with a copper fitting. People told me to just get the canopy at Home Depot but HD only has like three choices and they are all ugly! So I relied on my bff google and was able to find a simple oil rubbed bronze canopy that we’re really happy with.

One project down and 999 to go!

Today we’re getting another project going. We’re having gutters installed. I know, sounds kind of boring but with the torrential rains here in Florida our pond gets flooded and the plants get crushed so we’re pretty psyched about the gutters.

What projects are you working on?


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I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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