We Got a New Couch!

This is exciting news people. Fabio bought the couch we’ve been using bm (before me) and we’ve been together for 11 years. It was time for an update. Not because the couch did anything wrong, it was what was done to it by the irresistible Papi.


I couldn’t resist posting this picture even though the quality is horrendous. Papi would make these kind of faces begging to get on the couch. Who could resist that ridiculous face?! But Papi drooled on the couch, licked it and hopped on it when he wasn’t his cleanest so needless to say a beige couch will show signs of wear.

About six weeks ago Fabio and I went shopping for a couch and it was actually pretty painless. Fabio has a time meter for shopping. I like to relate it to scuba diving.  You only have so much air and when you’re down to 500 psi you gotta go up. Luckily we found a perfect fit for us at Z Gallery before Fabio was down to 500. The stock model only came in an off white so we looked through the color choices and selected Godiva, a super rich chocolate brown. Darker than dirt. Just kidding. We were given an estimate of 6-8 weeks before delivery and I think it was actually more like a 5 week wait. The couch was delivered yesterday. Stella is her name and she’s actually a loveseat.

Stella Loveseat


Stella Loveseat


We opted for a loveseat because even with a larger couch it’s kind of awkward having three people sit on it together. The visitor doesn’t really want to be that close to you. We don’t watch sports so we won’t be having any game day tv watching parties and don’t need a bunch of seats for people to watch tv. We’ll probably get a couple of small chairs for the area or maybe just move them from the future conversation area if we need extra seating.


Stella LoveseatWe really like the low back because it doesn’t block the view to the windows. It’s a classic design but a little more structured than our former couch and the microfiber fabric is super cozy.

Oh and yes I know the area isn’t styled all perfect and I have junk all over the place. My life isn’t a magazine, we’re still remodeling and have projects going on all over the place. If I wait to post photos until the area looks perfect it’ll never happen. I’m sure someone else’s place looks like this…or at least I hope it does.



About designnsuch

I am a just turned thirty, diy maven in the midst of a major home renovation.
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4 Responses to We Got a New Couch!

  1. I love it! you’re so right about people not wanting to sit on top of each other on a couch…ever see men do this? They’re SO awkward sitting there, trying not to hit anyone’s knees.

  2. Bob Overgaard says:

    I have to say, I like your taste.

    • designnsuch says:

      Funny, right? When we were picking the fabric and color I kind of wanted to go with something different because for the first 17 years of my life this is what our couch looked like. But, it’s a nice color and certainly most practical.

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