I Finished My First Roman Shades!!

I’m so excited that I finished my first roman shades!!! This has been a long time coming but I finally committed to a fabric, broke out the sewing machine and made my first roman shades.

Gym Roman Shade

It feels really good. Especially since I priced having a roman shade made for this window at Calico Corners and they wanted $340 for the labor plus fabric. Crazy!! It actually didn’t take that long and wasn’t really that difficult.

I followed this tutorial, which is very detailed with pictures.

The fabric is by Waverly, which I bought at JoAnn’s at 40% off so the fabric ended up being $20/yd. I bought 5.5 yards for the two windows I’m doing so that was $110. I’m going to have some left over because I have to sew fabric together for the second window because it’s wider than the width of the fabric. I lined the face fabric with black out liner to prevent fading. The black out fabric was about $6/yd and I bought 5 yards with a coupon, so I think it was $25 for the liner fabric. Then you need the drawstring cord and rings to run the cord through, eye screws, dowel rod, mounting board and velcro. I guess everything was about $160 for the two windows. The other window is huge, it’s the one on the left below. I think it’s about 72″ wide.


Gym windows

Here are some pics of the process…

Be sure to square up the fabric so it hangs properly in the window. I did this using an L-square ruler.

Cutting the Fabric

Laying out the liner and face fabric…

Laying out the face and liner fabric

Below you can see what the finished shade looks like on the back side. I used a kind of plastic twill tape with rings attached that I sewed to the shade. I got lucky because they just happened to line up on the black stripe so the thread doesn’t show.

Roman Shade

Back side of roman shade

As I mentioned at the beginning, I followed instructions from another blogger and she did a great job so just go check out her instructions for all the details.

I can’t wait to start the next window so we can take down the black plastic covering the window, lol!!

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Garden Love

We planned to have a little planter bed next to the patio in the backyard so today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and planted this little area. The planter bed is under the patio roof so we knew to get shade plants. We also didn’t want anything that gets too tall that would block our view of the water. We chose an angel wing begonia, another type of begonia, a large leaf plant and another leafy plant with burgundy and green leaves.

First we put a layer of sand so the area would drain well, then we added top soil and a little more sand. Then we got to planting.We topped it off with mulch and then added a border of river rock that we had left over.

planter bed

Finished planter bed

Finished planter bed

Angel Wing Begonia

The plants are a little small now but I’m sure they’ll fill in nicely. We would like to add one more begonia to the mix so we’ll be sure to pick one up on our next visit to the nursery.

Happy Easter!!

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Good Morning

I started the day admiring the beauty of nature…

Nature Photography

Have a great Friday!

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Patio Update

Just a little patio update for you…

Last time we talked it looked like this.

Last time you saw the patio

Now it looks like this…

Current Patio

Current Patio- Different View

Yes, we finally finished painting, yeah!!!

I stained the floors Vintage Umber which looks much better than that beigy tone that was going on before. The ceiling fan/light from Fanimation is installed. 🙂

Fanimation Fan

And last but not least the column on the left was wrapped with wood. The column on the right is going to be a steel pole a bit longer. There’s a fantabulous surprise going there!

I’m loving the patio and can’t wait until we get some seating out there. For now I’m enjoying coffee on the step or a make shift patio chair. Whatever works!

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Finally took the plunge…Fabric for Window Treatments

I’ve been undecided on window treatments for the gym for sometime now. I’m sure you’re wondering why curtains for the gym are a priority. Well, there’s a 5×6 ft window that faces the street and we’re on full display in that room so we still have black plastic covering the window…not cute.

Gym windows

I thought I had found a great deal online at Quality Roman Shades but I requested swatches and they never sent them after promising twice the samples were on the way. Obviously it was too good to be true.

After more research I found a great tutorial that outlines, step by step with excellent pictures, how to make lined roman shades. I had considered making them the easy way with plastic blinds as the bones, but the windows are very visible from the front yard and front door so it would be pretty gaff to see the blinds on the back of the shades.

Next I went searching for fabric at Boca Bargoons, Calico Corners and JoAnn’s. Calico Corners and JoAnn’s had a good selection and I ended up going with a Waverly Fabric from JoAnn’s on sale for 40% off. Score!!

Source: google.com via Kristin on Pinterest



I had to special order the fabric, but I picked it up today along with some blackout liner fabric that the associate talked me into. In Florida the sun will supposedly fade the fabric in no time, and the blackout liner helps protect the fabric. I had a 25% off coupon so the liner didn’t cost too much. I picked up the rest of the supplies while I was at JoAnn’s and will get busy within the next week. Wish me luck!!

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Sweet Little Pond

The pond is super beautiful today, so I thought I’d share this little slice of heaven. We have three water lilies blooming at the same time! We still have some work to do, like finish the fountain but it’s still quite the little oasis. The fish are even nibbling at my fingers!

Our Pond

Pink Waterlily

Pale Yellow Water Lily

Water Lily Close up

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Our First Soft Good– An Amazing Rug!

I had no idea when I married Fabio that his mom had an antique store for years and still had some incredible finds in storage just itching to give them to one of her two sons. Major bonus!! We made sure we had some room in our suitcase to bring home an incredible handwoven, kilim rug that just happens to fit our table. It’s fate!

Dining Room Overview

Rug Close-up

Kilim Rug Semi Close-up

Another View of the Kilim Rug

Unfortunately, I don’t know the story of the rug or what any of the design means, I just know we love it under our table!

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